Hawksnest Bay, St John

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Yesterday morning we anchored at a beautiful little beach just outside the harbor, and took Danny in the dinghy to Compass Point , St Thomas, to catch a cab to the airport.

He will be gone for a bit on a trip and we already miss him a ton! We are so grateful for all he does – not just his hard work on Tanda Malaika, but his insight, love and humor too. We love him so much and miss him terribly when he’s gone.

Once we’d seen Danny off, the creatures and I set out to continue exploring the USVI. We found a beautiful little bay called Hawksnest Bay, and moored on one of six mooring balls. Surrounded by beautiful hills of thick green jungle, and down below them 3 beautiful white sandy beaches. Gorgeous coconut palms stand tall on the beaches, creating a picture perfect setting. The best part is that only one other boat was in the mooring field.

At high tide, beautiful big waves roll in to shore, which Aidan really enjoyed playing in with his body board.

At the last beach we were at, the pickle came swimming with us, and as usual, it attracts a lot of attention. Usually someone will approach us and say, “Um, excuse me, but is that a giant pickle?” We will respond with, why yes, it’s the traveling pickle…it’s @kindofa_bigdill
They laughed and wanted pictures, which we of course loved too.

We ended up making friends with them, and the creatures joined them for karaoke and sushi that evening.

The pickle came with us to this beach too. He loves his dinghy rides – but who wouldn’t, seated next to such beautiful ladies…

It seems perfectly normal to us to swim and snorkel with him, but somehow, he just always stands out in the crowd. People are starting to enjoy following him on Instagram.

The water was so incredibly clear against the white sand bottom.

It felt good to cool off and relax. The creatures are putting so many hours into their Biology and love it when school is done and they can relax their brains. They all have essays due by midnight tonight too.

Having Kjira with us has been so much fun. She will be flying back to the US on the first and will be working at Steamboat Ski Resort for the winter.

Once we were done soaking for the evening we left this gorgeous beach and returned home to make dinner.

I never get tired of our beautiful surroundings.

The sunset was once again so gorgeous.

We played Settlers of Catan till we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer, then snuggled down in our berths and were once again gently rocked to sleep.


One thought on “Hawksnest Bay, St John

    russ said:
    October 28, 2016 at 10:40 am

    what a beautiful place !! And the Pickle IS Hysterical !! What a blessing it would be to live your lifestyle for a while……


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