R&R in Mona

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The past two days have been filled with just the perfect amount of rest and relaxation in Mona, Utah, with our wonderful friends, the Sage Family.

We left Firth at 6am yesterday morning and drove to the middle of no where in the depths of who knows where, and purchased a set of four tires for our BAT (big a$$ truck) from a gentleman wearing a pair of penguin print flannel pajama pants and a Seahawks beanie. Danny and the creatures slept soundly on the way there as I enjoyed the gorgeous sunrise.

IMG_2568-1     IMG_2567 IMG_2566-1     IMG_2565

We continued on to North Ogden to kidnap Aundrea for a couple of days and then arrived at Marcos Misc, Auto Repair in Ogden, to check out the work being done on the BAT.

IMG_2576-1     IMG_2569

Marcos has been working hard on repairing the fine job I did. He shook my hand with great respect and admiration when he realized that I was the one who was driving 75 miles an hour on the freeway when the wheel bearing failed, causing the entire tire to come off. He told me that we absolutely should have rolled, and then showed Danny and I the damaged parts he removed…

IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2574

He has made every thing look shiny and beautiful with new parts, and we are once again on the road with a well functioning hefty machine that can drive through and over anything it wants to. If you ever need good honest work done on your car, and you’re in the Ogden area, go see Marcos. By the time we left he wanted us to adopt him into our family. We are so grateful to the Sage family for loaning us their Tahoe for all this time that we have been without our vehicle.


On Saturday evening in Mona we went for a beautiful 4 wheeler ride up into the mountains, surrounded by rich green pines, orange and red maples and golden aspens.

FullSizeRender-387   FullSizeRender-386   FullSizeRender-385

FullSizeRender-384  FullSizeRender-383FullSizeRender-382

As we rode along we stopped to walk out and watch a doe and two fawns, and I thought of how miraculous life is. Every creature that walks the earth, lives with a purpose and finds joy in it. (Every creature except frogs and toads…) Part of our ride included driving over the overpass which looked down onto the freeway, and us adults sat there on our 4 wheelers like little kids, making signals with our arms to get the semi truck drivers to hoot their hooters. Every one of them hooted, as well as many of the cars passing under us. What a blast and a half!

When we returned we sat by the fire and ate a delicious dutch oven meal, then drug our full bellies into bed and slept soundly till this morning, just in time to immerse ourselves in bacon, eggs, hash browns and pancakes. I baked cinnamon rolls to add to the mix. With overflowing bulges beneath our shirts we drove into the hills and spent a couple of hours shooting at targets. The Sage family has more guns than Cabelas, and were excited to show them off to Danny.

IMG_2583  DSC_0006-8  DSC_0007-6

DSC_0009-8   DSC_0010-6  DSC_0013-5

DSC_0012-5  DSC_0017-5 DSC_0016-6

Everyone had so much fun shooting,, including me! My favorite guns were the 45 and 22. Danny was a ninja at shooting clay pigeons and Hannah even hit one too.

The creatures went over to where there is a huge rope swing, and had a blast swinging from it.

IMG_2601-1  IMG_2600

IMG_2602  IMG_2603  IMG_2599

Checkout Emma’s face up closer…..


She cracks me up. Emma has grown so much and likes to measure against her sisters. She has caught up with Mycah, Kjira and I, and has a little ways to go to catch up with Hannah.

IMG_2580     IMG_2579

It was tough saying ‘see you later’ to the Sage family. We haven’t known them long, but it feels like we always have. I love knowing that they have known Jan for many years. I have no doubt, we will know them for many years to come.

FullSizeRender-380    FullSizeRender-381

I have met so many beautiful individuals on this trip to Idaho, each unique with significant strengths. As humans we each realize our worth as we love, live and serve, and it is so important that we never lose track of the importance of that. As I spent time with Daddy as he neared death, and especially Jan, up until and including his last breath, the only thing that mattered to them both, was love. Feeling love and more importantly, expressing and showing love, was all that mattered. All doubt and worldly worry was set aside, as they felt Father in Heaven’s arms surround them and draw then closer to Him, until finally he carried them home. I want to spend the rest of my life acting on what is truly important, making sure my priorities are where they should be, and helping everyone I meet to feel loved and understood. I have some amazing examples to follow.


One thought on “R&R in Mona

    linda govatos said:
    October 19, 2015 at 4:24 am

    You and your family have so much energy!! I want to be one of your creatures! Noticed how you excluded the frogs and toads…that’s my girl!! Hey, did Jude sell her boat?


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