Pickle Surfing!

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This morning I was awoken by 4 sweet Angels who had made me breakfast in bed. Egg in the hole toast, fresh orange slices, and oodles and gobs of love.

I am now the proud new owner of a pet crocodile (soap). Quite original and so cute! The creatures wrote me beautiful cards that made me cry, and just like every day, were so sweet, loving and respectful all day long. I never tire of their company and love to be loved by them.

Jude pulled the family car around so we could all pile in, and we set off to see what we could see while Tanda Malaika waited patiently for us to return.

We motored around to the north side of Spanish Wells, with the warm sun on our skin and the clear, turquoise water beckoning for us to immerse ourselves in it. While I watched over the dinghy with camera in hand, the creatures swam over to the 45ft high cliffs to climb them so they could jump off.

Just around the corner from the cliffs was a gorgeous beach with not a soul in sight. Waves were constantly coming in and crashing right on shore, so to avoid having the dinghy filled with water (or having to pull it all the way up the beach), we threw out the anchor and swam in. The pickle of course, had to join us.

Mycah got the brilliant idea of pickle surfing. We feel very strongly that this may just become an olympic sport…

While exploring the beach, we found all sorts of beautiful glass bottles to fill with shells. Emma fills them with tiny treasures and sells them, and has already sold a couple. Jude decided that she is going to mend this net and make a hammock out of it, and Aidan fell in love with a bright orange steel toes boot and a helmet!

When we returned to Tanda Malaika, the creatures made me dinner and Emma presented me with a beautiful cake that she had created. I feel like a Queen.

Danny messaged me when he departed from Genova. He is currently flying from Helsinki to Taiwan, and at 8:30pm my time he sent me a photograph of the sunrise the following day, his time.

I look forward to us being on the same time schedule once again. Hopefully he’ll be home on Tuesday. In the mean time I will continue exploring with the creatures and doing what I really love doing…being a Mom.


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