Baby it’s cold outside…

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This morning I decided to embrace the cold and explore outside…

I tried making snow angels like we did in the bioluminescence, but ice covered the snow and nothing budged – except my core temperature which plummeted!

The reason why winters are so long here is because it is so cold that everything freezes, including time.

These poor unsuspecting souls don’t even realize it, but just like in the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, everything comes to a complete standstill.

Everything except snow flakes…they just keep gliding gently to the ground, but once they hit, they are frozen in time too.

Birds don’t sing. Fish freeze beneath the ice, and horses stand frozen with icicles on their whiskers.

It’s bloody cold I tell you! Can you feel it???

To warm up I came inside, thawed my feet by trying to stick them in my screaming mothers armpits, and sewed baby blankets for my sweet grand baby who will be making her appearance soon.

We then went over and built puzzles with Margret since she’s a little lonely.

Just like my mom, Margret is an Angel. Her husband, Bill, is my Dad’s best friend. Not too long ago Bill’s brother died and the morning of the funeral Bill didn’t show up so family went over to the house to find that he had suffered a terrible stroke, which has left him unable to speak. He is still in hospital and Margret is missing her Sweetheart terribly. Please keep them in your prayers.

This evening we visited with our wonderful family in town. I love being with them. What beautiful people.

On a warmer note, the girls made it through the Panama Canal and out into the Pacific Ocean.

They loved the experience.

Danny and Aidan drove and picked them up and they excitedly told him all about their adventure.

They were impressed by the locks and were proud to report that everything went extremely smoothly.

Aidan earned $30 by helping someone in the marina de-mast their boat, and Danny discovered that the shore power plug has some serious issues.

I’m so grateful for an amazing family. Each of our 11 children are so wonderful and unique and I love them and Danny with all that I am.


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