Day: April 2, 2015

Shopping in Bocas

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Today Danny and I took the water taxi into Bocas for some odds n ends. When we exited the taxi, there was the cutest little boy standing watching.  He was so shy and wouldn’t look at the camera, but wanted his picture taken anyway.  This morning one of our neighbors told us that if we wanted to go to Bocas, we’d better do it quickly because the entire town shuts down early because of the holiday weekend.  Everyone else must have received the same memo, because it was chock a block full of people strolling and cycling around.


The police were out in full force on their fancy police cars.

We ate lunch with an Amazon parrot who liked to walk the picket fence along the table at the cafe.


At first he was a little shy, then came over and shared my ‘Buga Burger’ with me.


At first he wanted nothing to do with Danny.  After a while Danny whistled something at him that must have bridged the gap in bird language, because after that he walked over and sat on Danny’s shoulder and nibbled gently on his ear.


Being a sea captain with a parrot on his shoulder now, Danny of course had to cover an eye and say ‘Arrr!”, pretending to be a pirate.


We then made our way to the ‘Super Gourmet’, which was a highly recommended grocery store.  In my opinion, it wasn’t anything to write home about (just to blog about), and was a bit over priced.


We then went to ‘Toto’s’ which is the 3 story ‘walmart’ of the Island.  They had everything from candy and cosmetics to engine parts and clothing. I think we’ll be using Toto’s a lot more in the future.


After all that we loaded our bags into a water taxi and headed back home to the marina.  It felt good to walk into Tanda Malaika’s amazing air conditioning.

Back on the mainland in California, the creatures are excitedly getting ready for Hunter’s arrival tonight.  We can’t wait to see him!  Safe travels our sweet son.


Punta Lava

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Last night Danny and I went to dinner at Punta Lava restaurant,  which is right on the beach at Red Frog.  As we were walking out the marina, one of our neighbors threw us their car keys and told us to have fun.  Danny drove that thing like he does his BMW on the California Freeways.  It was so fun making our way through he dirt roads in the jungle.


We noticed Rafael, the security guard, walking home from work, so we had him hop on the back.


Punta Lava is a great little restaurant.  Danny had Seafood linguini, which was filled with calamari, shrimp and scallops. It was delicious.  I had a shrimp Caesar salad served in a tortilla bowl.  It was also delicious. They brought us freshly made watermelon and pineapple juice which was so refreshing.

The view of Red Frog Beach from where we sat was beautiful.


Hardly another soul was in sight and bird song filled the evening air.  Another beautiful day in Paradise!


P.S.  I failed to mention that when Danny and I were checking engines yesterday morning before our maiden voyage, he suddenly exclaimed, ‘Oh crap.’  When I asked what the matter was, he showed me a spring and said he’d just broken an important part of the engine.  He said the boat would not run without it, he didn’t know here it went and we’re pretty much screwed.  I tried to look around to help him find where it goes, but also thought it odd that he react that way, because Danny can fix anything and always keeps his cool in matters like this.  He then got a big grin on his face and said, ‘April Fools!’

If I could have, I would have thrown him overboard. What a tease 🙂