Day: May 14, 2015

Sailor Bride

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I couldn’t sleep, so I was going through some photos in my computer.  Our daughter, Mycah, took these photos a couple months before Danny and I got married.  Little did I know that now, just a little over a year later, we would be living on our boat and sailing together as a family. I’m so grateful that Danny and I share the same sense of adventure and passion for travel (and for each other.)

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Another Beautiful Day

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Today was a very mellow day here in Idaho. Hunter, the twins and I drove to Rexburg to meet my sister and her husband, so that we could take 3 of my nieces little ones for the day so she could get some much needed rest with her new baby. We had so much fun with those sweet little Angels.

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Danny and Hannah are doing well in Isla de Providencia.  Another crazy windy day there, so they spent their time filling diesel cans and scrubbing the boat.  Jude went up the mast again.  She seems to enjoy it up there! It sounds like it’ll still be too gusty to sail tomorrow, and perhaps all through Saturday.

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Tomorrow is Kjira’s big travel day as she flies from Hawaii to SLC. We are all so excited to be with her.

My Dad is doing well.  He is having a fair amount of abdominal pain and is getting ready for his surgery on Friday, where they’ll install another stint by his pancreas. My Mom is healing up well from her surgery, and so am I.

I am grateful for such wonderful parents, an amazing husband and 11 beautiful children, and a beautiful world to enjoy them all in.