Day: May 22, 2015

And….there’s more

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Just when I thought we were finally on the home stretch……

Hannah arrived in Idaho safely, and Danny arrived here in CA safely.  I’m so grateful for that.

This morning Danny and I went over to Transking to pick up the Truck, which has been in their care for 2 weeks now.  They did a beautiful job on all the repairs, BUT…..when we pulled up to it in the rental car, Danny and I immediately noticed that all our dive gear ($15 000 to $20 000 worth), which had been tightly strapped to the roof rack was gone.  We had been reassured that the car would be parked inside while they had it, and it would be safe. Also, 2 of the 3 flood lights on the front on the truck were gone. The company looked through their security videos to find that they only have recordings for the last 4 days. It all records over itself every 4 days.

We called the cops and they took a statement and Transking has filed a claim with their insurance company. I have been writing down everything we had and so far it comes to $15K. If we can get it all replaced it’ll be awesome to have all new dive gear.  If not, it’ll be a while to build up all that inventory again.

We returned the rental car and that went smoothly. Life is good.  I have my Sweetheart back and all 11 of our creatures are fine. We have much to be grateful for.