Day: May 18, 2015

Beautiful Sabbath

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It rained again last night, so when I walked to church this morning, I was surrounded by the most beautiful flowers covered in raindrops. I just had to stop and take photos. Birds were singing, the sky was an intense blue contrasted against bright white clouds. What an absolutely gorgeous display of color, texture and aroma!


The creatures and I were invited to lunch by our wonderful friends, the Keck Family.  They are some of our most favorite people. We enjoyed a delicious meal and caught up on our adventures, and talked about all sorts of amazing adventures to come. We all spoke with Hannah on FaceTime for a long time while we were there, which was such a treat.

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The scenery on the drive was so beautiful. I love cloud formations and they were breathtaking.

When we got home I called my Sweetheart, and as usual it was wonderful to hear his voice. As of right now (and this can change any second), the plan is that he and Jude will begin their sail to Shelter Bay tomorrow morning. They are meeting with the man in charge of ‘discharge’ paperwork at 9am, and then will set sail. They hope to reach Shelter Bay by Tuesday evening, and then will fly out of Panama City on Wednesday. Jude will fly here to Idaho Falls, and Danny will fly to LA, where I will pick him up in the rental car.  We’ll drive to where the truck is and pick up all our nonsense at Mom and Dad’s, and drive back here to Idaho Falls for a few days before driving to Florida, then fly to the boat in Panama.

Danny worked really hard on the engines today. He found that the alternator had been hooked up wrong, and the wires were melted and ready to catch on fire. Using his ninja skills he rewired the whole thing and solved the problem. He’s not only handsome, but also genius 🙂  Hannah has worked so hard, cleaning the boat so that when her siblings step on board, they have a beautiful clean boat to enjoy. She’s such a thoughtful Angel.

Tomorrow morning I will take my sweet Momma to her cardiology appointment. I hope and pray they find everything healthy there.

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