Some days are better than others!

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Today was a very frustrating day. So, I bought a flat of freshly picked strawberries, and it makes everything alright 😉 One of the things I’m going to miss about this beautiful area in California where we live, are the strawberry fields. We are surrounded by them.  Right now aside from strawberries, cabbage and celery are being harvested.


When driving down the road, the smells in the air make me feel like I’m living in a giant salad bowl.  I love it.

I was frustrated today because I made my 5th and 6th trips to the social security office in attempts to get Jonathan’s social security number, and every time they tell me they need more information.  I have come to understand why there are so many illegals in this country…it’s because they make it too expensive and difficult to do things legally!

Mycah had another swim meet today and did beautifully. She placed first in breast stroke, breaking her personal record.  We are so proud of her for all her hard work.

Last night Emma decided to bake a cake. She baked a 3 layer chocolate raspberry cake from scratch – all without a recipe. She decorated it with a ‘messy raspberry design’ in mind.  It was delicious.


Tomorrow will be a busy day. Our last Saturday in Oxnard.


2 thoughts on “Some days are better than others!

    agovatos said:
    April 25, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    Tell Emma the cake looks amazing! I love chocolate and raspberry!


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