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This morning as I was packing I came across this photo of me. Who knew that that little munchkin would grow up to be a pirate with a really hot husband and 11 beautiful creatures!?

At one point I heard Emma and her friend yelling at the top of their lungs and bolting down the stairs and out the front door.  The next minute they came in yelling ‘Mom we need you to help this bird!’


A crow had attacked it, pecked out it’s right eye and it was breathing really heavy and in shock, and the girls had chased the crow away.  I told them that it was going to die, but we can make it comfortable till it did.  I held it and talked to it for a while then lay it down and watched it’s labored breathing.  Emma began to cry and we talked about how it’s all going to be ok, the bird will be so happy and not hurting any more.  I had to leave to visit with a friend and when I came back about an hour later the creatures informed me that it did die and they had a funeral in the back yard.  They dug a grave, filled it with flowers and lay the bird down and sang to it and mentioned wonderful things about it and sang ‘Aloha Oe’ as the closing song.

I took Jonathan in to the Social Security office after school to get his SS# and they informed me that I first have to provide 14 years worth of documentation proving that he has been here in the US with me this entire time. Specifically, documentation for each individual year, and school papers are not enough.  They want doctors notes, immunization records, tax papers – the works! So, I have yet another sweet project to work on in the two weeks I have left here.  No worries, I will provide them with so much paperwork, they’ll need a wheel barrow to haul it off, and wish they’d never asked!

IMG_6239   IMG_6236

While Aidan, Jonathan and I were doing that, Hannah, Emma and Hunter went for a sail on Time Out.  Hannah has her so nice and clean and ready to sell.  She is a beauty!

IMG_6241  FullSizeRender

Tonight Hannah and I are having a sleepover on her boat 🙂 Life is good.


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